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We at CyberX offers complete memory solutions including USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives, portable solid state drives, Desktop RAM, Laptop RAM also.

  • Commitment to Work

  • Solid Teamwork

  • Standard of Excellence

We proudly designs, engineers and manufactures our products in India to the highest standards. Our team of highly expericed staff work as team to deliver the world class solution and services to our customers.

Meet the demands of your performance

We are the world leader in innovating memory and storage solutions that accelerate the transformation of information into intelligence, inspiring the world to learn, communicate and advance faster than ever.

Fastest Performance

Upgrade to cutting edge technology that performs with the utmost speed and reliability, no matter how intensive the workload. CyberX solutions enable you with faster transmission, fast-boosting devices, fast-loading games and higher capacities that reach new levels.


Products at CyberX are designed to meet the specification of the grade of systems and are built with components which are purchased from qualified suppliers to meet high quality industry standards.

Best Services

With our commitment to providing outstanding customer friendly service, custom solutions, expert support and consistent roll-out of innovative technologies, we create much more than just technology products.

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